All Natural  Human, Horse and Pet Products

from Nature for Life

In addition to raising Mountain Horses, Jesse is a proud representative of the Nature for Life program which has made all natural products available for people, pets, and horses.   One of our favorite new products is called "Finally Something That Works" - a bug repellant that protects people and horses from the flys and gnats that seem to be more abundant each year.  Best thing is, this product works naturally and is safe for you, your horse and the environment.  The formula combines the very best essential oils into a water/multi-leveled formula that will also condition the skin. 

Other horse products include Red-Cal, a replacement for salt blocks, mineral blocks and other electrolytes, Joint Check for healthy joint function, bone and connective tissue which reduces oxidative stress caused by free radicals, and Bug Check which is a feed through fly repellant. 

REDOXX is a revolutionary formula for humans which is rich in minerals, herbs, vitamins and many trace elements for a super antioxidant effect.   Great Shakes taste terrific and give you high protein, low carbs and more antioxidants than blueberries, blackberries, or beets!    

Our newest product is Enhance Factor which is already getting rave reviews from customers with a number of health issues. We could go on and on about these products but you can contact Jesse at and he will get you all the info you need.

Now, take a look at our farm  .  .  .  .  .



Eli's mom, Ellie, enjoys some lush spring grass after her Saturday bath.






This is Nigel, a Collie, and Jake, a Sheltie.  Nigel came from Collie Rescue.  He had spent most of his life indoors and was quite amazed at life in the country and horses in particular!   He loved the foals and turned into a great protector of them.  Jake was adopted when his family couldn't keep him any longer.  Both have passed away.  These two were quite a pair.

Simon came to us from a family in North Carolina.  He was the most beautiful collie I had ever met and one of the sweetest dogs ever

Bo was the all time perfect farm dog  -  a collie/shepherd mix who knew from day one to patrol the fence lines, watch over the horses, and bark at potential intruders or danger.  Bo was the epitomy of the old saying with a twist, "man's and horse's best friend"!  Bo passed away a few years ago of old age; we still miss him.



and here is the king of the roost, Big Ben!



And finally, what we are all about - beautiful mares,



great looking, acting and gaiting foals,


and enjoying our time here on this beautiful earth together. . . . .  Happy Trails!