Ellie's Eli


Kentucky Mountain Horse World Grand Champion

United Mountain Horse World Grand Champion

What a story! In August, 2003, Ellie's Eli won both the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse and United Mountain Horse World Grand Championships in the Classic Pleasure division.  Eli is a true black stallion (no red gene) born in Tennessee at RockyTenn Farm and is still proudly owned by Jean Stanley and Jesse Rainer.

Jesse knew there was something special about Eli from the beginning and says he was the smartest colt ever born!  His long gangly legs only hinted at the grace and power that would come, but his owners never doubted it was there.  Eli has had a successful show career including 2001 Men's Amateur Champion with Jesse riding at the Rocky Mountain International Show.  Eli has been the champion stallion for a number of states.  Rocky Tenn Farm acknowledges Sue and Wendell Wells of Prince Albert Stables for making some of those championships possible and for promoting Eli.

While Eli loves to show, he loves the trail and rolling in the mud just as much.  He is tolerant of every condition and distraction thrown his way, including mares in heat, other stallions and yes, even antlers!  At Christmas, Eli was at Vernon and Joyce Stamper's Overlook Farm in Kentucky.  Vernon dressed Eli in antlers and his Grand Championship blanket to help deliver presents. 

Vernon always loved to show folks how Eli will gait with no bridle, no bit, and yes, even, no hands! (The picture below was taken with Vernon riding him in a perfect four beat gait with a lead rope looped around his nose - after the picture, Vernon dropped the rope and Eli just kept on gaiting!)  We can't thank Vernon enough for taking Eli to a double world grand championship win. 

Everybody loves this horse - he is kid and crowd tested as you can see in the pictures on Our Horses page.  

Eli's foals are gorgeous - a sampling can be seen below and on our Home page.  We keep seeing that beautiful head, natural gait and wonderful personality on every baby he has had.  Eli's sire is Nick.  His mother is Lil' Ebony Lady (Ellie, as we call her) whose foals have included three International champions in addition to Eli.  Eli was named after his mom, Ellie, to give the mares some recognition!

For breeding information or to visit Eli call us at 423-534-6573 or 6577.  We have several horses for sale so take a look at our For Sale page. 

This is the most beautiful stallion you will ever see!  We are proud to make him available for breeding to your mare/s!  AI is now available.  Eli has been tested by UC Davis and certified to have no red gene.  He has been tested and is certified for clear eyes.

vernon rides Eli with a lead rope
Vernon Stamper and Eli go for the gold!
Sue Wells and Eli bring home the blue!
Eli and Jesse; ready to go!
Eli wins the World!
Take a look at some of Eli's babies . . . . . . . . .
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